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24 Hour Emergency
Boiler Service

Boiler Tune-Ups


        • Check for carbon monoxide
        • Check thermostat calibration
        • Clean ignition assembly
        • Test starting capabilities
        • Change water sight glass*
        • Monitor flue draft
        • Check flue pipe (for leaks)
        • Vacuum out chimney base
        • Vacuum out main burners
        • Test all safety controls
        • Tighten electrical connections
        • Check gas pressure
        • Check burner flames output
        • Check pilot light flame
        • Check thermo coupling
        • Lubricate all moving parts
        • Check low water cut off*
        • Check pressure control
        • Check water feeder*
        • Check return line (in site only)
  • Check boiler sections (in site only)
  • Check switch relays
  • Check transformers
  • Check drain out valves
  • Check carbon monoxide spill switch
  • Check end of the line air valve*
  • Check bleeder valves**
  • Check safety roll of switch
  • Check circulator pump**
  • Check water flow valve**
  • Check circulator pump flanges**
  • Check chimney base connection
  • Check back flow preventer
  • Check emergency switch
  • Check aquastat
  • Check flu damper
  • Water level sight glass/valves*
  • Check air level in boiler room
  • Emergency valves tags on water, gas and drain shut off valves

*Gas Steam Boiler  **Gas Hot Water Boiler

*Price good in June, July, August & September

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